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2017 - 2018 Council

President: Vemuri S Murthy MD
Dimitri T Azar MD
A. Jay Chauhan DO
Tariq H Butt MD
Chairman of the Council:
Christine P Bishof, MD
Vice-Chairman of the Council:
Victor M. Romano, MD

District 1
Louis J Kraus MD; M Leroy Sprang MD
Alternate Councilors:
Virginia M DePaul MD
District Trustee:
Edward S Linn MD

District 2
: Ismael D Angulo MD; Joseph L Murphy MD
Alternate Councilors
: Roger L Rodrigues MD
District Trustee:
Roger L Rodrigues MD

District 3
Linda F Gruenberg DO; M Anita Johnson MD; S Chris Malasrie MD; B H Gerald Rogers MD
Alternate Councilors: Murad Alam MD; Peter D Geldner MD; Gilka I Lara MD; Maria Serratto-Benvenuto MD
District Trustee: Michael R Treister MD

District 4
Susan B Kern MD;  Randall F Randazzo MD
Alternate Councilors:
Marvin S Peiken MD
District Trustee:
Trista M Negele MD

District 5
Nicholas S Galanopoulos MD; Michael P Loiacono MD; John A. Wiley MD; Edward A Wojcik  MD
Alternate Councilors:
Peter E Eupierre MD; Johnny Lin MD; Colathur K Palani MD; Parit A Patel MD; Kenneth L Soyemi, MD
District Trustee: Victor M Romano MD

District 6
Daniel A. Bakston MD; Michael A Hanak  MD; Raj B Lal MD; Jose Oberholzer MD; Peter Orris MD
Alternate Councilors:
Tamika A Alexander MD; Smitha Arekapudi MD; Mary J. Fidler MD; Mary W. Molo MD
District Trustee:

District 7
Mohammad Jamil MD; Samuel Schimel MD
Alternate Councilors: Michael Okunieff MD
District Trustee:

District 8
Robert W Marquis  MD; Cressa K Perish MD; Angelica L Tolentino DO; Subramanian Venkataraman MD
Alternate Councilors: Anton J Fakhouri  MD; Leon M Huddleston MD; Natalie M Selk MD
District Trustee: Lance T Wallace MD

Resident District
Sachin Jha  MD; Ajanta Patel MD
District Trustee:

Student District
Jacob M Begres; Francis DeAsis; Alexa N Monroy; Anish V Patel; Shikhar H Shah; Shruti R Zaveri; Anna Zelivianskaia
Alternate Councilors:
Jay R Chittoor; James A Curry; Nelly Gonzalez Montes; Zain Sayeed; Adam S Vohra
District Trustee:
Christiana Shoushtari

Neelum T Aggarwal  MD;  E. Boone Brackett III MD;  Earl E. Fredrick Jr. MD; Makis G Limperis MD; James G MacKenzie DO; Usharani Nimmagadda  MD; Gerald E Silverstein  MD; Lance T Wallace  MD; Cheryl D Wolfe  MD
Alternate Councilors:
Ghassan D Aswad MD; Brian P Farrell  MD; Anne E Hong  MD; Zahurul Huq  MD; Kimberly E Merenkov MD; William G Troyer Jr. MD; Michael J Wasserman  MD
Niva M Lubin-Johnson  MD; Anne G Szpindor MD

Lia A Arber MD (Children’s Hospital Of Chicago); Thomas J Chorba MD (St. Francis Hospital of Evanston);  Jacquelynne P Corey MD (University Of Chicago Medical); Charles Drueck III MD (Swedish Covenant Hospital); Tripti Kataria MD(University Of Chicago Medical); Barbara G Jericho MD (University Of Illinois Chicago); Joel S Klein MD (Lake Forest Hospital); Jerrold B Leikin MD (Northshore University Health); Kimberly A Pyle MD (Mac Neal Hospital); Loren S Schechter MD (Advocate Lutheran General Hospital)

Alternate Councilor:

Past Presidents
Thomas M Anderson MD; Howard Axe MD; Clarence W. Brown MD; Kenneth G Busch MD; Alfred J Clementi MD; Ulrich F Danckers MD; Edmund R Donoghue MD; Charles Drueck III MD; Peter E Eupierre MD; Jere E Freidheim MD; Richard A Geline MD; Lawrence L Hirsch MD; Steven M Malkin MD; Joseph L Murphy MD; Sandra F Olson MD; Robert W Panton MD; Kenneth J Printen MD; Biswamay Ray MD; Alan M Roman MD; John F Schneider MD; M LeRoy Sprang MD; Harry A Springer MD; Shastri Swaminathan MD; Katherine M Tynus  MD; Robert M Vanecko MD; William N Werner MD

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