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Public Health Committee

Purpose: To review and respond to any request for advice, opinion or for program approval directed to the Society by any health department, municipal health committee, or public health body in Cook County, and, when directed by the President, Executive Committee, or the Council, to initiate contact with such groups on matters of concern to organized medicine.


  • Kenneth L Soyemi  MD (Chair)
  • Chrisantha E Anandappa  MD
  • Dimitri T Azar  MD
  • Nahiris M Bahamon  MD
  • Christine P Bishof  MD
  • Clarence W Brown Jr. MD
  • Peter E Doris  MD
  • Megan M Finneran
  • Linda F Gruenberg  DO
  • Suneela Harsoor MD
  • Amy F Ho  MD
  • Susan B Kern  MD
  • Raj B Lal  MD
  • Anne M Langguth  MD
  • Joseph B Lee
  • Scott M Leikin  DO
  • Shubha Mathur
  • Nathaniel G Meadow
  • Vemuri S Murthy  MD
  • Neha A Rao

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