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The Chicago Medical Society (CMS) is a professional organization dedicated to assisting physicians in the practice of medicine. CMS’s mission is “To provide medical professionalism, medical education, public health and to provide the highest level of assistance and information to its members.”

Representing over 17,000 physicians, CMS is one of the largest and most active county medical societies in the country.  As a charter component of the Illinois State Medical Society, you will also have access to its resources and the extensive expertise of its staff.  CMS and ISMS are the only county and statewide organizations in Illinois that provide physicians with a unified voice.  The CMS & ISMS represent all physicians and continuously work together with our specialty societies to establish a unified front against the many obstacles we encounter in our profession.  

CMS and ISMS encompass the only organizations to provide a platform for physicians to speak with a unified voice.  Without strong membership and involvement, your voice and our effectiveness are weakened.  

Membership in CMS offers physicians the opportunity to learn about trends in the practice of medicine through committee participation, policy development, educational seminars and publications.  In addition, membership provides networking opportunities, membership services, and advocacy.

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Why join?  The Chicago Medical Society offers many benefits, including career placement, advocacy, networking, and member to member collaboration. Click here to explore all the benefits of membership.

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