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CMSF Launches Convalescent Plasma Go Fund Me

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We Need Your Help

The Chicago Medical Society Foundation (CMSF), along with our 17,000 Chicago-area affiliated physicians, and Metro Infectious Disease Consultants (MIDC), the largest infectious disease group in the country, have undertaken historic efforts in response to the Covid-19 global pandemic. CMSF and MIDC are providing a potentially lifesaving therapy to treat Covid-19 called convalescent serum and we need your donation to continue and grow the program. Convalescent serum therapy expands patients' access to Covid-19 treatment during a time when almost none are available, and provides more equitable care to all sectors of society.

Although many types of therapies are being investigated and tried, we don't have enough clear evidence of their success in treating Covid-19. Some of these therapies include hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, Tocilizumab, statins, and others, including vitamins.

What Do We Know?

We know for sure that convalescent plasma therapy can be used to fight a range of diseases and has been used for this exact purpose over many decades. We know that individuals who have recovered from Covid-19 can be a rich source of antibodies which can be provided to severely ill Coronavirus-infected patients which may speed their recoveries. Also, treatment of exposed populations with these antibodies may help reduce potential transmission.

Convalescent serum is available immediately while other avenues, such as hyper immune globulin, antivirals, and eventually vaccines, are still being developed. It is imperative to give the very sick Illinoisans a fighting chance to survive and prevent both fragmented care and poor outcomes for the disadvantaged.

We have been working with health systems, physicians, and community organizations in an all-out push to grow this vital program and after enrolling over 200 donors, reached a proud milestone; the first distributions of potentially lifesaving plasma to 11 hospitals. This journey has been both challenging and inspirational, and we can only continue with your help. We need your donation to continue the donor registration portal, the platforms used to identify and communicate with donors and hospitals, and the dissemination of plasma to hospitals in our community. If this program becomes unviable the CMS Board will use collected funds to promote charitable purposes.

We also need as many plasma donations as possible to increase distribution for critically ill patients in Chicagoland. If you, or someone you know, has recovered from coronavirus, your blood can likely help someone who is currently infected with Covid-19. The Chicago Medical Society is seeking blood donations from individuals who have recovered.

Please contact us by clicking the link below or calling us at: (877) CMS-DOCS

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