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Healthcare Payment Model Survey Report

An Assessment of Physicians’ Opinions on Health Care Reform

As the direction of health care reform grows increasingly uncertain, the absence of physicians’ perspectives in the health care debate becomes more conspicuous: no current, comprehensive survey of physicians about health care reform exists. Yet data on physicians’ opinions concerning health care policy could bring valuable insight to the debate.

To address this knowledge gap, the Chicago Medical Society conducted a survey of Illinois doctors concerning health care policy. Using the Chicago Medical Society database, we asked doctors (and some doctors-in-training) to indicate their preferences and opinions on different health care insurance public repeal policies. A total of 1,059 responded, and roughly two-thirds completed the survey entirely. Participants were from Cook County, which includes Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

The current debate about whether to repeal and replace the ACA with the AHCA has promoted discord and discourse about the best approach to health care reform. This survey of Chicago-area physicians’ attitudes towards health care reform options was performed in the midst of this debate to get survey respondents’ voices on record.

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