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Message from the CMS President

City Honors Our  Legacy

AS YOU might know, the Chicago City Council adopted a resolution in honor of our organization and members and that further designates March 30 as Chicago Medical Society Day. This special recognition describes CMS’ proud history, and the work we carry on to this day on behalf of physicians and their patients in the City of Chicago.

For readers who are not aware of our illustrious past, CMS was founded in 1850 to uphold the highest standards in professional conduct, medical education and patient care. Along with the screening of physicians, our mission statement called for a vigorous public health stance. As such, your CMS led campaigns to combat epidemics, eradicate pest houses, pasteurize milk, control the spread of venereal disease and tuberculosis, chlorinate the City’s water supply, and abolish the common drinking cup. How many of us recall this was a drinking pail used by all passengers of a train when they needed water, making all users susceptible to disease?

More recently, your CMS built on this public health legacy by achieving laws to ban drive-through deliveries and indoor smoking. In the second decade of the 21st century, your CMS advanced a state proclamation establishing an annual “CPR and AED Awareness Week” in Illinois. We also provide community-based CPR training for medical professionals and members of the public.

Since our early days, CMS kept physicians informed of medical advances and expedited the exchange of scientific knowledge through meetings and lectures. As new challenges emerged, our education evolved with the times to address medical-legal issues. Our representation of physicians grew into continuous legislative advocacy.

Today we speak up with lawmakers to reduce heavy administrative loads on our members who spend untold hours complying with mandates and navigating the insurance labyrinth. Today we are waging a campaign against physician burnout and apathy.

We are achieving success in easing the transition to “value-based” care and reducing regulatory red tape. You can read about our recent efforts in Washington in last month’s magazine issue. Please remember that CMS’ Capitol Hill activity is reinforced all year round with meetings in elected leaders’ local offices.

Going strong in 2018, your CMS thrives as one of the oldest and largest county professional societies in the United States.

In recognizing our past and present, the Chicago City Council communicates to millions of people— legislators, citizens, and groups—the vital contributions of our physicians and their local CMS representative body. For us, every day is Doctors Day and Chicago Medical Society Day.

Vemuri S. Murthy, MD
President, Chicago Medical Society

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