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A Victorious Session

As the Driving force behind landmark policies, Chicago Medical Society representatives to the Illinois State Medical Society House of Delegates tackle many diverse and red-hot issues facing physicians in Cook County. This year alone, CMS brought nearly two dozen measures to our medical legislative body, which met April 17-19, to forge a consensus on over 50 member-authored proposals. Between deliberations, CMS Caucus members strategize, testify before reference committees, and generally shape the course of advocacy in the State of Illinois. The highlight, of course, is seeing our resolutions pass, thus creating a foundation for new laws to protect physicians and their practices. Major CMS measures this year dealt with universal topics like maintenance of certification, payment guidelines, medical necessity, and more. Still others laid the groundwork for public health initiatives on behalf of patients.

On the practice-related front, the House overwhelmingly passed “The Provider Shield Act of Georgia,” a resolution from CMS President-elect Kathy M. Tynus, MD. The measure seeks Illinois legislation to prevent the linking of payment policies with standard of care in medical malpractice lawsuits. The legislation is modeled on a law signed into effect in Georgia in 2013. “Physician Certification and Licensure” urges ISMS to pursue a state law forbidding employers and insurers from requiring physicians to participate in time-limited MOC. For details on this resolution, see page 8.

Several initiatives will be carried forward to the American Medical Association and, from there, to the halls of Congress. “Food Allergy Notification by Restaurants,” introduced by CMS Past President Howard Axe, MD, proposes state law modeled on the Food Allergy Awareness Act in Massachusetts. The measure also calls for the AMA to introduce federal legislation modeled on the law. For details on this resolution, see page 14.

You’ll find coverage of this year’s bountiful crop of CMS resolutions throughout the magazine.

CMS is privileged to have more delegates than any other county medical society in the state. As a result, our voice is particularly strong when it comes to advocating for legislative issues of importance to physicians and their patients. Our participation in ISMS gives physicians of all specialties a strong united voice. The forward march of resolutions on a trajectory that begins at CMS is proof that every single CMS member has the power to shape the direction of health care legislation.

As we celebrate our victories, your CMS leaders encourage you to think about the many issues you would like to address next year. Together, we can make this happen.

Kenneth G. Busch, MD
President, Chicago Medical Society

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