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ChatGPT and Privacy Risks (April 2023 CMM)
Generative artificial intelligence technology chatbots rely heavily on the accuracy of vast quantities of online data By Aileen Murphy, JD, Kara Du, JD, and Cynthia Suarez, JD
What Is the “Own Occupation” Disability Policy?
This article outlines three things you should look out for in your policy and suggests ways to strengthen your coverage. An article by Jennifer Danish, JD, in the April Chicago Medicine Magazine.
Chicago Physicians Apply Public Health Tools to the Firearm Pandemic
Firearm Pandemic Series, Part One: Three physicians tell Chicago Medicine why they have taken on this challenge. By Howard Wolinsky
A Return to Capitol Hill
In the April 2023 issue of Chicago Medicine Magazine, read about how an energized CMS advances agendas physician workforce, patients' bill of rights
Highland Park MD Couple Turns Trauma to Action
Firearm Pandemic Series Part 2 (by Howard Wolinsky) - Shooting leads physician couple to finding their voice opposing assault weapons (Chicago Medicine Magazine May 2023)
Gun Carrying Trauma Surgeon-Cop Shares His Thoughts on Firearm Violence
Read the Firearm Pandemic Series Part 3 (by Howard Wolinsky) in the May 2023 Issue of Chicago Medical Magazine: Doctor carries his ASR-15 rifle on his body along with his medical bag.
Tuning in to Your Own Behavior: Are You Tone Deaf?
Most costly medical errors result from disruptive behavior By Melinda Malecki, JD (in the May 2023 issue of Chicago Medicine Magazine)
Healthcare’s Post-Growth Reset
As leaders “keep the lights on,” where will growth come from? By Dan Clarin, CFA (May 2023 Issue of Chicago Medicine Magazine)
Illinois Expands Health Benefits for More Adult Immigrants
Medicaid expansion provides a life-line to undocumented immigrants, according to health advocates and physicians - Public Health News in the May 2023 Issue of Chicago Medicine Magazine
How CMS Works for You
The Chicago Medical Society attacks practice burdens, scope intrusions, and payment woes... THE CHICAGO Medical Society is the most active uniting and fighting for all physicians.
Childhood Obesity
Communication strategies for healthcare practitioners by Patti L. Ellis, RN, CPHRM
Premiums Continue Upward Push
As in 2021, Illinois leads the latest list of states with the largest proportion of premiums that increased by 10% or more.
More than Bricks and Mortar—Taking Healthcare Beyond Hospital Walls
How to address social determinants of health on Chicago’s South and West Sides by Debra Wesley and Helen Margellos-Anast, MPH
DEA and SAMHSA Extend TelePrescribing Flexibilities
After a record 34,000+ comments were received in response to the proposed rule, the DEA issued this temporary rule - by Arushi Pandya, JD, and Sara Shanti, JD
Access to Abortion Pill on the Precipice
A deep dive into the federal court rulings that will decide the fate of Mifepristone by Calla Simeone, JD, Elizabeth Nevins, JD, Amy Dilcher, JD, Amanda Zablocki, JD, and Danielle Vrabie, JD
U.S. Outlines Landmark Medicare Coverage for Alzheimer’s Drugs
Physician participation in registries key to coverage by Bruce Japsen
Making the Value-Based Care Journey
The transition will be dramatic and difficult as medical care shifts to a much different clinical model and underlying business model by Howard Wolinsky
CAR T-Cell Therapy
As this breakthrough treatment for lymphoma becomes more widely available to patients in their own communities, here’s what physicians need to know by David Grinblatt, MD
STIs on the Rise
More than 2.5 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were reported in the U.S. in 2021. (Public Health)
What Does the Physician Compensation Roadmap Look Like?
The payment model may need to break away from survey data percentiles, by Alex Kirkland, MBA
An Eye on Evolving COVID Variants
As virus continues to circulate and mutate, updated vaccines are still weeks away (Public Health)
Suicide Deaths at Record Levels
Surge fueled by firearm related suicide deaths (Public Health)
Cost a Major Barrier to New Weight-Loss Drugs
Lack of prescription coverage and risk of regaining weight dampen public enthusiasm for new class of drugs (Public Health)
Improving Detection of Cystic Fibrosis after Newborn Screening
Primary care providers can reduce barriers to better outcomes, by John Palla, MD, and Susanna A. McColley, MD
Physician Burnout and Career Fatigue
The growth of physician workload and workplace violence in healthcare, by Courtney Stokes, JD, MHSA, and James Tekippe, CFA
Physician Pay Still Slow to Rebound
Doctor raises not keeping up with inflation post-pandemic, by Bruce Japsen
Amazon’s Officially Big into Healthcare
Online retail giant poised for Chicago doctor office expansion
Chicago Among Few U.S. Cities with Measurable Health Equity Goals
More local public health departments need to address equity ‘beyond the mission statement’
Bruising in Young Children
New app helps Lurie physicians decide when abuse is likely
Biden HHS Recommends Marijuana Move to Schedule III
Decision supported by physicians to lower cannabis risks to help medical research
Physicians and Private Equity-Owned Practices
Various models cluster in markets for scale or work to reduce administrative burdens
Biden Administration Proposes Standards at Nursing Homes
A registered nurse would be required 24/7 at every U.S. nursing home
Abortion Services Soar in Illinois from Southern States
18,300 more abortions in the first half of this year compared to 2020
Amid Physician Shortage, Most Residents Get Record Job Offers
Residents are receiving more job recruiting offers than any time since 1991 by Bruce Japsen
Private Equity Moves into Medical Practice
But the shift has raised concerns about a focus on profits over patients
What Physicians Need to Know about Med Spas
Consider the legal issues before getting involved in these popular services
More Get Subsidized Coverage Thanks to Inflation Reduction Act
More get subsidized coverage thanks to Inflation Reduction Act
Inclusive Leadership Promotes Health Equity
Board diversity helps physicians’ efforts to close health gaps
Prepping for Evolving 2023-24 COVID-19 Virus
Dangerous variants mean healthcare workers should return to “targeted masking”
Deaths in Pediatric ERs from Guns Doubled during Pandemic
Researchers from Chicago Lurie Children’s Hospital physicians led study By Bruce Japsen
Physician Practices Struggle to Find Support Staff
Primary care practices have lost 40% of support staff since 2019
Physician Pay for Telehealth ‘Similar’ to In-Person
During the pandemic, private insurers paid similarly for telehealth and in-person care
Ransomware Attacks Impact 52 Million Patients
539 healthcare systems including Chicago sites hit since 2016
The Next New Thing in Medical Devices: Biowearables
Healthcare industry hopes biowearable devices like Abbott’s Lingo trigger better patient-physician conversations about health
Half of U.S. Won’t Get COVID Shot
Poll: 52% of those previously vaccinated haven’t gotten latest vaccination
Northwestern, Lurie Children’s Partner on Hepatitis C Treatment
Public Health
Physician Burnout & Career Fatigue
Medical boards and health systems are making systemic changes to humanize physicians and reduce longstanding stigmas around seeking mental health treatment
A Physician’s Take on Equity, Sustainability and Improvement
Chicago Medicine interviews Joint Commission CEO Dr. Jonathan Perlin for insight on the accreditor’s four new areas of focus known as the HELP agenda
A Disabled Physician’s Advice on Disabled Patients
How physicians can better serve their disabled patients By Delia O’Hara
Primary Care in ‘Office Setting’ Dips Slightly
Patients with employer-based health insurance receive care in doctors’ offices less than 90% of the time By Bruce Japsen
Patients of Color Expect Discrimination
Public Health
U.S. Medical Schools Enroll More Diverse Classes
More women than men enrolled for fifth year in a row By Bruce Japsen
AMA: 73% Of U.S. Lacks Health Insurance Competition
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois controls 60% of Chicago’s commercial health plan market
Physicians ‘Excited’ and ‘Concerned’ about Artificial Intelligence
Member Benefits Report - AMA Poll

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