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Medicaid Billings Basics, Resources and Tools

ISMS’ new Medicaid Billings Basics, Resources and Tools is the fourth in a series of advocacy brochures aimed at assisting members with the stream of sometimes obtuse Medicaid billing procedures and rules. It’s chock full of hands-on, practical information for practice and billing managers in a medical office.

Unfortunately, this information cannot in and of itself fix Medicaid’s abysmally low pay rates for many medical specialties. With the state’s current budget crisis continually making headlines, the future does not appear bright for this important government safety net. Our division of member advocacy monitors Medicaid’s payment cycle, and stands ready to intervene on behalf of physician members who experience lengthy pay cycles for Medicaid claims reimbursement. We also continue to press the state to live up to its prompt pay commitments for physicians.

Please call ISMS’ division of member advocacy if you need help tracking the status of a Medicaid claim, an ally to intervene on your behalf, or a refresher on Medicaid’s rules.

We can help! (800) 782-4767, ext. 1470

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