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Reality Medicine: Communicating to the public why medical liability reform is crucial

THE REALITY MEDICINE: KEEP DOCTORS IN Illinois initiative recently entered a new phase of educating the public on the importance of medical liability reform. In April, ISMS joined with our partner, ISMIE Mutual, to begin airing radio ads that highlight important health issues and discuss how these issues relate to medical litigation reform. Listeners are directed to for more information about the liability crisis and our reform law.

In Chicago, the ads will run on news/talk format stations through the summer. The radio ads will soon be supplemented by Keep Doctors in Illinois billboards that will launch this summer in Cook County and around the state. High profile messaging tools, such as billboards and advertisements, are only one way Illinois physicians can effectively communicate the importance of medical liability reform to patients. You can play a role in advocating for the importance of our reforms. Many patients already understand the reforms were enacted to maintain access to medical care, but do not understand threats facing the law.

Talk to your patients about why they should be concerned about medical liability. Direct them to for information, or display posters in your office to help explain the issue. To obtain free posters for your office call (312) 580-6440 or e-mail maszinski@isms.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Every little bit helps in maintaining the momentum for reform. Do your part!

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